How many guests can Prosper Estate accomodate for an event?

All reservations for Prosper Estate allow events up to 30 guests. With advance notice and approval, Prosper Estate allows events up to 50 guests with an onsite Prosper Estate manager in attendance. Approved guest count over 30 guests will incur an additional $750 charge.

Prosper Estate is always happy to recommend caterers, party planners, and other suppliers to assist with larger events.

What is the cost to rent Prosper Estate?

The recommended 4 day, 3 night rental is a fully private booking. Guests have private access to the full estate and may host an event up to 30 guests. Up to 50 guests can be approved with prior approval and fees.

This option gives guests access to the event areas of the estate including the Pool, Pavillion and Vineyards. Guests do not have access the interior of the main house. Generally, this option is used for small single day events such as corporate events, social or civic organization meetings or graduation pool parties.

What time is Check-In and Check-Out?

Guests may request an early check-in if it is available. Guests may request a late check-out at a cost of $250 per hour.

Single day event rentals allow use of Prosper Estate grounds and event amenities for 8 hours, start and stop time to be approved in advance. Guests may request additional hours at a cost of $250/hour. All events including cleanup and breakdown must conclude by 11pm. Time for setup and breakdown for events is included in your time allotment. Extra time above the 8 hours for setup or breakdown and clean-up is charged at $250/hour.

What is the maximum number of guests for events?

Prosper Estate has four luxury bedroom suites that can accomodate up to 12 overnight guests. Overnight guests in excess of 12 must be pre-approved prior to check-in.

Prosper Estate is a perfect venue for small and medium size events up to 30 guests. With advance approval, the venue may host up to 50 guests. Prosper Estate does not host events larger than 50 guests.

Does Prosper Estate offer Food and Beverage Service?

Prosper Estate is happy to recommend food and beverage caterers for your event. While we do not arrange or implement food and beverage service, Prosper Estate has the necessary facilities for your caterer.

We are happy to recommend various providers you may need to host a spectacular event. Many of our including table and linen rentals, caterers, live music and DJs.

What other expense can I expect?

Upon request, guests will be given access to the Prosper Estate wine room. If granted, guests will sign off on the wine room inventory and will be charged for all wine consumed or missing upon check-out.

Late check-out including event breakdown and cleaning is charged at $250 per hour. Extra guests above the pre-approved number will be assesed at $50/per person for the duration of the event. At no time may more than 50 guests be on-site. Over-capacity would result in the immediate cancellation of the event.

Are there penalties for over capacity issues?

All events at Prosper Estate are monitored. At no time are more than the approved number of guests allowed on-site. Events that are over-capacity will be immediately cancelled and all guests will be removed from Prosper Estate.

Prosper Estate has a guest capacity of 12 for overnight guests. We may be able to grant additional overnight guests with advance discussion and approval. All non-overnight guests above capacity must depart the property by 11pm. This is strictly enforced and over-capacity will result in the immediate cancellation of the booking regardless of time of day or night.